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Week 11: Canberra Nightlife

CANBERRA AUSTRALIA - 17 July 2000 - This was a relatively relaxing week for Mike. On Wednesday evening, Mike took a walk around the block through the cold air and finishing up at the local pub for a drink. On Friday, Mike again played pool after work, then went out with Danne for a few drinks and dinner. Over the course of the evening, Mike met people from Germany, Switzerland, Spain, and Italy. At about 10pm, Mike headed home through the park. It was beautiful with a full moon shining through the fog that was beginning to descend on the area. The moonlight lit up the trees in a rather eerie way. Again on Saturday night, Mike pulled himself away from the computer to take a short walk.

After going shopping in the afternoon, Mike worked at home for rest of the day. However, in the evening, Mike went out to see the lunar eclipse. When he first got out, he went for a short walk and just watched as little bits of the moon nibbled away. Since the temperature was rather cold (about 37F or 3C), Mike went inside after about forty-five minutes outside. Then at about twenty minute intervals, he'd go outside and see the progress. After about two hours of this at midnight, the moon was fully eclipsed. It was a dark orange and somewhat hard to see. Supposedly, the next full lunar eclipse won't take place in Australia until 2007.

Here ends Mike's eleventh week in Australia.

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