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Updated: 9 June 2013
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Michael Sullivan at his desk at IHPC
Mike's Research
We use computers to determine chemical properties, including structures and energies. With an increase in computer technology and more robust algorithms, computational chemistry is a more viable option for molecular study. Oftentimes, use of these methods requires specialized skills to understand the results.


We are studying CO oxidation on Pd-based alloys. By understanding how addition of an alloy metal changes the barriers, we can develop new catalysts that are cheaper and more efficient. In addition, we are interested in studying interfaces between two materials. We need to understand if they adhere and what the properties of the interface are. In many cases especially for electronics applications, we need to know if the interface between a polymer and metal are compatible for the particular use.

We have been examining the alkali metal oxides and hydroxides as a preliminary to investigating their interesting acid and base properties. Reliable experimental data are very sparse for these molecules. Their theoretical description is not entirely straightforward either and has necessitated incorporation of several new features and the development of new basis sets. This work was done in conjunction with Leo Radom and the rest of the Radom Group.

The majority of my research efforts in graduate school were directed toward the study of open-shell organic molecules, particularly arylnitrenium ions. Nitrenium ions are isoelectronic with carbenes and are thought to be carcinogenic in the singlet state; nitrenium ions are formed in vivo from aromatic amines, a common pharmaceutical moiety. Full Story



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