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Week 13: Mike Makes Dinner

CANBERRA AUSTRALIA - 31 July 2000 - For a change, Mike played host this week. He hurried preparation as Danne, Steve, and Stacey came to Mike's apartment for dinner on Friday night. After work, they met at the Uni Bar for some pool and drinks. As usual, Mike struggled, but not as bad as normal. The surprise for the week came from Stacey, who practically ran the table on couple of occasions. She made some pretty amazing shots that even surprised her a bit. From there, they adjourned to Mike's for dinner. They were treated to cheese bread, salad, spagetti, and cheesecake. While preparing the meal, Mike performed a minor miracle by cooking over a pound (500g) of spagetti in a smallish medium sauce pan; the pan was packed with noodles. While eating, everyone enjoyed the movie, The Usual Suspects. After the movie, everyone headed for home hopefully satisfied from the meal.

During the course of the evening, Mike realized that there was no water pressure. This made some of the cooking especially washing the vegetables for the salad slower but since there was some pressure it was possible. This also meant that Mike couldn't do dishes that night. The water pressure finally returned to normal on Saturday afternoon. Once this had occurred, Mike did the dishes while watching TV.

Mike made a big purchase early on Saturday afternoon; he finally got some sneakers. While in Minnesota, he had planned on getting a new pair but never got around to it before he'd left. Now three months later, he's out of his hiking boots and into some nice comfortable sneakers.

Later this week on Thursday, Mike will be giving a group seminar about his work at the University of Minnesota and possibly be skiing on Friday.

Here ends Mike's third month in Australia.

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