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Week 15: Mike Steps Out

CANBERRA AUSTRALIA - 14 August 2000 -This week was relatively uneventful. Mike's getting settled into a routine and for the most part enjoying it. He's working on finishing up some results so that he can start writing up a paper for a chemistry journal. The excitment of the week came on Friday when Mike went out with Danne and a friend of his after playing pool. Mike had a chance to see a couple of the nightspots in Canberra. After dinner, they went over to King O'Malley's, an Irish pub, and saw a 70s and 80s band perform nostaglic hits from that era. From there, they went to the basement bar next door that is home to the Gypsy Bar. They had some live bands including a good local one called Trouser Trouser. After a while, they went back to King O'Malley's with some friends that they had met at the Gypsy. After some dancing, the band called it a night. Mike headed for another night spot but was denied entry because he was wearing his new sneakers; apparently, they don't allow athletic shoes in their club. That was a sign to call it a night.

The rest of the weekend was not exciting. While it was nice on Saturday, Mike worked most of the day. Sunday was cold and rainy and Mike spent his time inside relaxing and working.

Here ends Mike's fifteenth week in Australia.

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