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Week 20: Mike's Abbreviated Second Olympic Weekend

CANBERRA AUSTRALIA - 26 September 2000 - Contrary to earlier reports, Mike was unable to attend the table tennis this passed Saturday. There had been a slight mix up on the date of the event and caused Mike to miss the event. To make up for it however, Mike was able to see the defending Gold Medal Women's Soccer team, the USA, defeat Brazil 1-0 in Canberra. The first half was a bit slow but Mia Hamm scored a contraversial goal in the second half. There was a collision with the Brazilian goal keeper that left Hamm wide open on the left post. Mike's former Anoka classmate, Briana Scurry, did not play in the game.

While there were some rabid American fans, most of the stadium supported the Brazilians. In addition, being a soccer country, the Brailians had some good chants that support their team. It was different than American football type chants but were true soccer chants that seemed to have a melody. Mike went there with Ruth, a roommate of Danne's. It was a bit cool, but Mike had a good time as the Americans prevailed.

Earlier that day, Mike had a good baseball practice. The team spent about the first hour working on preparing the field for play. They had dug up the weeds that had grown around the bases and pitchers mound. After this, they did some hitting. While some people really excelled, Mike struggled a bit making good contact. Hopefully with some practice and tuning, he'll be able to hold his own. Other than that, it was a pretty slow weekend for Mike but the previous weekend more than made up for it.

Here ends Mike's twenty first week in Australia.

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