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Week 25: Quickie: Lots of Wins

CANBERRA AUSTRALIA - 25 October 2000 - This week is a short update. Most of Mike's thoughts this week were on baseball. His Under-12's won prettyhandily on Saturday. On Sunday, Mike started in center field for the B-Grade team. They won by a couple runs when Woden closed the gap in the last couple of innings. Mike had a chance to get in the A-Grade game when the third baseman's back tightened up but his contact fell out and he didn't have his shoes on as he never thought he'd get into the game. Mike missed an opportunity to play more ball. The A-Grade won anyway. Tonight (Wednesday) Mike took part in a game against Under 16 All-Stars from the ACT. The team wasn't quite as good especially the pitchers. Mike started this game at catcher where he will probably be next Monday as the usual catcher is playing in a tournament out of town. Against the weaker pitching, Mike got his first hit in a game type situation. He hit a double to left field but got caught out on a close play when he lazily went back to second after a big turn. He was not happy with himself. This hit came right after he'd made a nice scoop and tag on a runner at the plate in the top of the inning.

Here ends Mike's twenty fifth week in Australia.

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