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Week 28: Baseball Club with No Baseball

CANBERRA AUSTRALIA - 15 November 2000 - Mike began the weekend by going to the mall late Friday afternoon. His family will be happy to hear that he purchased some new shorts. From the mall, Mike went to the local Chinese restaurant where he was met by members of the Ainslie Baseball Club. He enjoyed a good meal and a good drink with his baseball teamates in a different setting.

On Saturday, Mike and Chris' Junior team had a bye but the club had a game scheduled for Sunday. Mike arrived at about 8am in the rain and soon found out his game was cancelled and went home. The rain was never very hard but it had to stop if there was to be a chance for the A-Grade team to play later in the day. Mike showed up a couple hours later to see what the situation was. Unfortunately this didn't happen; all the work that the team had done the day before in preparing the field before the rain was wasted. It ended up raining until late in the afternoon on Sunday and again most of Monday and Tuesday. Practice was cancelled on Tuesday. Mike hasn't seen much of the sun in the last month.

Here ends Mike's twenty eighth week in Australia.

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