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Week 32: Mike's New Car

CANBERRA AUSTRALIA - 14 December 2000 - The highlight of this week was Mike's purchase of a car. After doing some car shopping on Thursday and Friday mornings, Mike found a 1989 Holden Nova (basically a rebadged Toyota Corolla) that he purchased on Saturday morning. On Friday, he took it for a test drive and drove for the first time on the left side. It wasn't too bad except that the wipers kept coming on when he meant to signal his turn. After having it for a few days, Mike thinks it'll be a great little car.

On Thursday night, Mike was invited over to Tatia, Steve and Stacey's house for dinner to really celebrate Stacey's birthday. There were two other couples there and everyone seemed to have a good time. The food was great and so was the company. In a break with tradition, the guests each got a gift and a little bag of candies. Mike got a neat little flying disc.

On Friday night, Mike went to a Buck's Night (Bachelor Party) for one of the Canadians on the baseball team. The team spent most of the night at a pub with a live band. Everyone made sure that the buck had plenty to drink and enjoyed himself. Again everyone had a good time.

On Saturday morning, the Junior baseball team played and won easily again. In the afternoon, Mike and Dave headed over to Tatia, Steve and Stacey's house for a house warming party. Mike drove his car over there without any incidents. Mike got an opportunity to meet some new people and had a good time.

Sunday was baseball day. Mike started in right field and didn't bat too well. Ainslie got up eight to nothing then gave up 13 runs in one inning. It was a hot day and that made things worse. They battled but couldn't make up the runs. Mike helped out with the A-grade again and they won really easily. Mike almost got in but when he was on deck the batter in front of him made the last out of the inning.

Next Tuesday Mike is going on holiday with Grant, the baseball coach. They're going to go down to Melbourne then follow The Great Ocean Road towards Adelaide. They'll be gone about two weeks.

Here ends Mike's thirty second week in Australia.

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