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Week 44: Explosions and Bombs

CANBERRA AUSTRALIA - 5 March 2001 - This week, Mike had a midweek baseball game for a change. The team played horribly against the bottom team in the competition and lost. On Friday, Mike went to see Proof of Life at the local cinema. It was a bit slow moving and some of the character the movie tried to develop never really took. The action scenes at the end were really good but didn't make up for the weak story.

On Saturday morning, Mike's Under 12 team won again against a very good Woden team in the last regular season game. In the evening, Mike hooked up with Steve and Stacey and they went to Skyfire. Skyfire is the big fireworks display in Canberra and is sponsored by the local radio station. The group got there a couple hours early to secure a good spot. They set up shop in a good spot at the end of Anzac parade and began throwing Frisbee and throwing down a drink and snacks. After a call, Mike, Steve and Stacey moved a little ways down the shoreline to sit with a dozen or so people associated with Mike's baseball team. After a few more drinks, the sun finally set and the fireworks began. They were choreographed with music on the radio. It was pretty good and lasted about 25 minutes. All the baseball people left shortly after the fireworks ended, but Mike, Steve and Stacey waited around for the traffic to die down. It got rather cold and it was a good thing Mike had brought his blanket for the wait. In the end, they had a good time looking at the stars and the lake. On Sunday, Mike had baseball all day.

Here ends Mike's forty fourth week in Australia.

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