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Week 5: Mike Gets Filled, Plugged, and Unplugged

CANBERRA AUSTRALIA - 5 June 2000 - If you thought last week was uneventful, this week was boring. On Tuesday, Mike went to Pizza Hut for buffet with his group. While there, the group had a friendly competition as to who could eat the most pizza. While many of you, especially Mike's mother, know how much Mike can eat, he only finished as the runner up, or first loser as the other group members called it. An any case, it was a good opportunity to get to know some of his co-workers in an informal way.

On Thursday, Mike procured an internet connection at Cybermac Internet services. That evening, he took full advantage of the internet by surfing on his iBook. In addition, Mike ran across some interesting music that he downloaded. On Friday, Mike purchased a second hand tv that gets all five Australian stations. He was pretty excited and watched some Australian Rules Football in addition to the American programming that's on tv.

After a short trip to Dickson, Mike went to see Mission: Impossible 2 with Stacey, Steve and Steve's co-workers. Mike really enjoyed the movie. He especially like the action sequences that were choreographed in a way only John Woo could pull off. In addition, the movie offered Mike an opportunity to see parts of Australia that he will no doubt encounter as his adventures continue. On Sunday, Mike ordered a cheap cell phone that will provide additional security once Mike gets a car and travel around the country.

Here ends Mike's fifth week in Australia.

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