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Week 8: Mike Finally Plays Pool and Works

CANBERRA AUSTRALIA - 27 June 2000 - On Friday night, Mike finally played pool for the first time while in Australia. Dave and he went over to the Uni Bar, the main bar on campus, after work and played for a couple hours. Mike was clearly rusty (at least that is what he claimed) as Dave won just about every game. There were some differences from home; one was that the balls seemed a bit smaller in Australia. This made the targets to hit just a wee bit harder. Mike was confident though that with enough practice, he could overcome this hurdle. Another difference that did seem as widespread was that there wasn't solids and stripes. Instead, there were reds and yellows and of course the black. During the course of shooting, Mike said, "Excuse me." to one of the Austalian lasses to which she responded: "You have an American accent, don't you?" Mike was caught off guard because it wasn't him who had the accent. Nevertheless, he responded to their query and exchanged pleasantries with the group.

The rest of the weekend was mostly spent working. Mike had some exciting projects that he wanted to get started on. The only time he left the apartment was to go into town to go shopping on Saturday afternoon. This lack of events this week should be balanced out by the trip to Sydney Mike is taking this weekend. He's taking the train with Steve and Stacey early on Saturday morning, seeing The Gondliers at the famed Sydney Opera House, seeing some sights, and returning on Monday evening. Of course, there will be full report in this space.

Here ends Mike's eighth week in Australia.

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