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Week 36: The Recovery Begins

CANBERRA AUSTRALIA - 19 January 2001 - This week, Mike spent most of his week recovering from his trip. Grant stayed with him because the bed and breakfast he had been staying at was booked out with the big car show, Summernats, in town. Mike eased into work on Wednesday and Thursday as it was hard to get up early then worked pretty hard on Friday. That night after a couple games of pool with Dave, Mike and Grant went to order a pizza at the local Pizza Hut. When they got there, the cashier said that the pizza would be ready in 45 minutes. This seemed odd as most pizzas take about 15 minutes to cook. They were surprised and so headed home to watch some tv. Once the time had passed, Mike went back to pick it up. When he asked about their pizzas, the cashier said that the ovens were probably broken but they'd try ours to see what happened. In the mean time, they were turning people away both in person and over the phone. After about ten minutes, they said they couldn't prepare the pizzas so they arranged the pizza to be made at another store. After the 10 minute drive to the other store, Mike waited about 5 minutes and finally got his pizzas. It's odd when restaurants have to refer their business to the competitors.

On Saturday, Grant and Mike went to watch the ACT baseball team compete in the Under-14 national championships. They got beat by a good team but played as well as they could. Afterwards, Mike and Grant went to Manuka for a drink. In the evening, Mike watch Close Encounters of the Third Kind for the first time and had a night capper at the pub next door to Mike's flat. On Sunday, Mike and Grant watch the ACT baseball team play again.

Here ends Mike's thirty sixth week in Australia.

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