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Week 37: Quickie: Mike Sits Around

CANBERRA AUSTRALIA - 20 January 2001 - Not much at all happened to Mike this week. Grant went back to his bed and breakfast on Monday and Mike sat around most of the week. Basically, he spent the evenings being lazy but working hard during the day. When the weekend came around, he spent most of Saturday updating his webpage and stayed up late watching a movie, Universal Soldier. On Sunday, he spent most of his time napping and watching cricket on TV. An amazing thing though happened while Mike was watching TV: all five of the stations had sports on. There was cricket, basketball, soccer, and tennis on two channels. Mike had never had such a wonderful thing occur at home in Minnesota except that the sports could have been better (gridiron (American football) or baseball would have been better).

Here ends Mike's thirty seventh week in Australia.

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